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Halloween How To Projects

November 15, 2008

Sneak Preview of Halloween How To Projects

Well, we only posted two new Halloween how-to projects with the redesign right before Halloween this year, and barely got that out. But, here's a little more hope than a crappy coming soon post for you fellow haunters out there: a sneak peak at some of the projects we'll be knocking out and posting over the next year.

We've got photos from the prototypes that we actually tested out in our haunted yard. Some of these are "oldies" and some rolled right out of the garage the day before Halloween.

Enjoy and looking forward to a busy year until Halloween!

Very Quick Tombstones

Quick Tombstones Quick Tombstones

Easy, fast, and very cost-effective tombstones that you can very quickly fill a yard/scene with.

Almost exactly the same process at the face for the Headstone Light Box. If I remember right, you can get 12 of these out of one 4x8 sheet of plywood.

And the bonus, they store away flat and take up very little space versus the crappy foam ones you buy from Walmart that only last a year.

Spooky Trees

Spooky Trees Spooky Trees Spooky Trees Spooky Trees

Got this idea from one of those little foam craft scenes that you can buy at a craft store every Halloween.

Two pieces of 4x8 plywood, a jigsaw, and some paint will not only help you create a dramatic addition to your haunted house or yard, but give you an extra hiding spot to scare those "Oh, that house isn't scary" kids.

On top of storing away flat, they make great stable structures to hang zip lines, blacklights, strobe lights, and more.

Going to post the 8 foot version, but we're also working on a 12 foot variation.

12 Foot Grim Reaper

12 Foot Grim Reaper 12 Foot Grim Reaper 12 Foot Grim Reaper 12 Foot Grim Reaper

The prize possession of our haunted yard at Halloween.

If there's one thing that scares the hell out of people, it's a larger-than-life prop with a 9 foot moving arm! We built this prototype for a little over $100, clothing included and it continues to impress and scare anyone who walks near the yard.

A person can stand inside to operate the arm manually, we'll work on an automation how-to for it after we post the structure how-to. Add a fogger inside with a red light to keep red glowing fog coming out of the head and you've got something you don't see at many houses on Halloween.

Evil Candy Throne

Candy Throne Candy Throne

This is an idea that popped up on October 30 this year.

That's right, the day before Halloween I was getting lumber from Home Depot, and when I picked up a 2x3 I thought, "I need a candy throne". Stands over 8 feet tall and lights up with one red rope light and 1 black light for the eyes and "Candy" sign."

If you position it right, adds one more hiding spot to get the kids with. We even got them to drop the candy and run, just when they thought they were safe...hee hee hee.